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  1. Sorry I saw this late last night. The only time it might not apply is if the date is in the past. Thanks for letting me know!!!

  2. Sorry it took me so long to respond, yes they do have lard.

    • I am sorry you feel that way but we are using the same ingredients as always. The only thing canned are the tomatoes we use for the tables when the hot sauce is too hot for our customers. I have not sacrificed any part of the quality of our food. I have reduced the menu items so that I can keep buying the quality products we have always had. We have decided to close an extra day due to the resent minimum wage hike. We have been open for going on 64 years and are doing very well thank you. The beauty of having so many Mexican restaurants is that you can choose to go else where. So please do not presume to know how I run my business and how well we are doing. Happy New Year

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